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How Much Is It?


  1. Let's talk. If you call, please provide your name and phone number twice and the reason for your call. If you e-mail or use the contact form here, please provide a brief history of your concerns so I can determine if we are a good match. I will refer you whenever possible if we are not. Due to a full appointment schedule this spring, calls may take several days to be returned. E-mails can be returned much sooner. 
  2. Schedule the Initial Consult, Behavioral Consult or New Puppy Visit. Block off 90 minutes to two uninterrupted hours for the first visit. Flexible scheduling allows for day, evening or weekend appointments.

    Initial Training Consults, Behavior Consults (not including aggression) and New Puppy Visits are $80 per hour. Plan on an initial investment of $120.00 to $160.00. Travel outside a 40 mile radius of the Des Moines metro area incur an additional travel fee.

    Initial consults for dog aggression and dog bite cases are charged at $100-$150/hour. These consults must be referred by your veterinarian. Contact Pupstart for more information on how to put that in motion. Plan on $200-$300 for the consult. Travel required more than 40 miles outside the Des Moines metro incurs an additional travel fee.

    These types of dog bite cases are not accepted: law enforcement has intervened, a lawsuit is pending, your pet killed another pet, or a human or animal victim required emergency medical care such as stitches or surgery.
  3. Your dog must be healthy and current on vaccinations. Titers are accepted with approval from your veterinarian.
  4. The Initial Consult will provide you with lots of things to practice so don't worry - it will be worth it! Sufficient time will be spent getting to know you and your dog and your dog's needs. After this meeting, you'll have options to choose from to continue your dog's training without high-pressure tactics. This may include a package of sessions or a referral to a group class.
  5. The number of sessions needed varies depending on what your training goals are or the scope of work needed to sufficiently address a behavior problem. If a package is purchased in advance, subsequent sessions are longer than an hour. You also have the option of continuing on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  6. Payment is required at the time of service. Pupstart takes cash, checks with photo ID, and credit cards using Square.
  7. A cancellation without 12 hours’ notice of a scheduled appointment will result in a forfeit of that session except in the cases of an ill or injured dog or a family illness or emergency. I work with families! I know how it goes!

For more information, CONTACT PUPSTART now to discuss your dog's training needs.

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