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Puppy Training

Is your puppy driving you nuts? Did you know that some breeds take years to move beyond puppyhood and adolescence? Raise that wild thang into a civilized beast that doesn’t potty in the house, bite at you, jump all over the place, chase the kids and chew everything in sight. FREE potty training tips are right HERE.

Dog Training


Want your dog to listen to everyone in the family? Come when called? Stop jumping up? Stay put when told to? No harsh methods, jerking the dog on metal or prong collars, no shock collars. You can get results using positive training. Let Pupstart show you how!

Behavior Consulting


Looking for help with your pet's behavior? Dana is an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). She has 20 years of experience! First, talk to your veterinarian to be certain your pet is healthy and pain-free. Then contact Pupstart Family Dog Training! 

Training Resources

Not sure who to trust for dog training or behavior help? This is Pupstart Family Dog Training's philosophy. Effective, efficient and fun...for the dog, too! 

Looking for the right trainer? Here's an infographic to help you decide!

Look here for VIDEO TIPS to enrich your dog's life! 

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